Circa 1903:

Set on a winding road just outside of Richmond, Virginia, Mankin Mansion is a sprawling showplace of the art of brickwork. The residence was built for Edward Thurston Mankin, the founder and owner of one of the South's most highly regarded brick foundries, which operated from 1903 through 1951. Although the brick-making kilns are now gone, the 7,000 square foot Mansion and its five dependencies are connected by intricate brick walks and walls. This architectural landmark is listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks.

Mankin Mansion bricks were used extensively to recreate Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown Church. Mankin also supplied bricks for John D. Rockefeller, The Baseball Hall of Fame, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, buildings at the University of Virginia and Medical College of Virginia, and in some of the finest homes in Richmond, by architects including William Lawrence Bottomley.

Along with the stunning main residence, the Mankin estate also includes a Carriage House, a Gardener's Cottage, a Summer House, and a Farmer's Cottage. In the center of the estate, a brick pergola stands. This ornate structure offers splendid views of the grounds' fountains. The pergola is connected, by brick walkways, to a bocce court, parterres, a lawn tennis court and brick benches. Across Oakley's Lane, one will find a one acre man made reflecting pond.

The Mansion is now in the hands of the current proprietors Martin and Paula Ramirez. The native west coast family came to Virginia in 2003 in search of a magnificent home steeped in history and worthy of extravagantly formal weddings. Collectively Martin and Paula have been in the wedding industry for over 40 years and took great care in finding the absolute perfect home. All of their dreams were found in Mankin Mansion. The family purchased the home in a sadly neglected state in the spring of 2004. The Mansion, along with its dependencies and grounds, has since undergone enormous and extensive restorations and is now near completion. The Ramirez family has brought a once dilapidated piece of history back to its original grandeur, and is grateful to offer its beauty and elegance to brides and grooms on their most romantic day.