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10 Desserts We’ve Seen… and 10 Desserts We Want to See!

Wedding Cakes are the ultimate dessert for good luck, pictures, design and of course taste! As good as they are, we have seen some awesomely creative, unique and different wedding desserts these past few years. We have also heard rumors of other desserts that we want to see! So if you are looking for some inspiration for your wedding dessert, keep on reading!

  1. Groom’s Cake – We can’t forget about our Groom!
Sylvia Kibler Photography

2. Classic Cupcakes – Not only are these so classic, cute and can pack a ton of flavor, cupcakes make the perfect favor for guests to take home for a midnight snack!

Kristen Camielle Photography

3. Donuts for Days – Donuts are one of our favorite desserts, because who doesn’t love a donut? They are a fun surprise for your guests too!

Arianna Belle Photography

4. Mini Cakes – Because one cake is not enough!

Ryann Winn Photography

5. Build it Yourself Popcorn Bar – Interactive desserts are in and popcorn is perfect for more of a savory than sweet dessert.

Kristen Camielle Photography

6. Dessert Shooters – These little guys are a great couple bites and have the ability to layer custards, mousse and so much more!

7. Cookies – Another fantastic dessert that doubles as a favor, these are so easy to stick in a pocket and enjoy a few days later!

Arianna Belle Photography

8. Miniature Desserts – Everything is better in smaller bite sizes, such as these dark chocolate cookies.

Chelsea Schmidt Photography

9. Macaroons – Bring out some color on the dessert table with macaroons! This Italian dessert will wow your guests and catch their eye. No one will miss this delicious dessert!

The Gernands Photography

10. Gelato Cart – Talk about the perfect dessert in the summertime! Gelato is light, full of flavor and creates a beautiful display. It is the vendor you did not know you needed!

Sarah Street Photography

Now those are just the desserts that we have seen! Next up are 10 desserts we are dying to see in action. So here is our questions for you – Which picture are you going to fill in?

  1. Candy Bar – For those sweet tooths out there, we are right there with you! A candy bar is so interactive, your guests won’t stop talking about it for years!
  2. Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Weddings are classy and romantic, so make your dessert match with this timeless and delish dessert!
  3. Ice Cream Sandwiches – We have a few couples this year whose favorite dessert are ice cream sandwiches. They are going for it with a simple cooler and help yourself sign. We cannot wait to see the pictures!
  4. Cake Alternatives – Change up the vanilla and chocolate and make the cake out of rice krispy treats, cream puffs, a giant cookie, pancakes, or another favorite dessert!
  5. Whoopie Pies – There are some fantastic whoopie pies out there, let us tell you. Cut them in half and serve them up on some gold platters!
  6. Cake Pops – Still love cake, but want to make it bite sized? Your answer is Cake Pops, which are also easy to make. Invite your wedding party over a few nights before and have a cake pop party!
  7. Crepes – Breakfast for Dinner can go one step further with dessert crepes filled with chocolate, YUM!
  8. Fruit Tarts – Add a pit of fresh to your wedding dessert by offering some super cute fruit tarts. Your guests will love them!
  9. Brownies – We know we are not the only ones who look for the brownies at social gatherings… Brownies are an all time favorite dessert that we do not see going anywhere anytime soon!
  10. Cheese Boards – Definitely more of a savory group? Go with a gorgeous cheese board. Add some drizzles, fruit, nuts and crackers and your guests won’t stop munching all night long!

Dessert is a big part of the wedding day and if you are looking for something other than cake, look no further! We cannot wait to see all the fun new desserts coming our way!