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COVID-19: We’ve got you covered

Did you have to cancel or postpone your wedding day because of the coronavirus? We at Historic Mankin Mansion are here for you. 

Obviously, the traditional timeline of getting ready for a wedding is a long process during a very exciting time in your life. Looking forward to one special date and then having to pick another date somewhere down the line, just hoping that it will be able to work out by then as well, can be heartbreaking for the couple and their loved ones celebrating with them. But we want those couples to still celebrate. After all, you deserve it! We came up with a few ideas for you, your fiance, and your wedding day.

First of all, let yourselves feel all of your emotions. It’s disappointing. A day you were looking forward to has been pushed back, to put it very simply. This time of year has not been easy for anyone, and you are allowed to grieve for the changes that you did not want.

Let’s start the day now. Have a special morning! Breakfast in bed, mimosas; pancakes if you want them! Have fun with it. It’s the most important meal of the day.

Then, focus on one another. This is your favorite person, one that you made this lifelong commitment to. A wedding does not prove that. Know that you guys will get married soon, but right now you are here for each other. If you had written personal vows, a nice activity that you could do to emphasize the celebration of being together could be reading them to each other. If you hadn’t planned to say personal vows, make a list of the things that you both love about each other. Don’t hold back. You’re celebrating today. 

What was something specific about your wedding that you were most looking forward to? Was it your first dance? Dance together to your song! Did you have a signature cocktail that you were going to have at your wedding? Make it! Toast champagne to each other in the middle of the day. 

Where was your wedding cake gonna come from? Could you order a cupcake (or a few) from the bakery? Might as well support your local businesses!

Or you can do the opposite. Don’t focus on your wedding itself, but your story. What was your first date? How did you get engaged? Can you recreate it? Maybe talk about what your feelings were towards each other on those days.

At the end of the day, this is up to you and your fiance. Talk with one another and think about what you want to do to make this day special…remembering what you’re most grateful for will surely do the trick!