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Creative Ideas for Your Guestbook!

You will want to remember every detail of your wedding day, from the cheers during your ceremony kiss to the loved ones you got down with on the dance floor. Your photographer and videographer will be able to capture your picture-perfect wedding, but what about the guests who didn’t get a moment alone with you? Those who joyously celebrated your union, but were only able to say a passing congratulations? That’s where your guestbook comes in!

The guestbook is the first thing your loved ones will see when they arrive on the big day. It’s the perfect start to an event full of love, well-wishes, and gratitude. Originally, guestbooks were used as a written testimony that a marriage ceremony took place with witnesses, purely for legal purposes… Look how far they’ve come! Nowadays, guestbooks are a vessel for friends and family to leave words of affection and encouragement for your shared future. Your guestbook can be as traditional as a lined book with your names and wedding date on the cover, or as unconventional as a personalized puzzle!

The two most important factors when choosing a guestbook are, firstly, that it represents you as a couple, and secondly, that it preserves the memory of your wedding day from your guests’ point of view. When you whittle it down to those two criteria, the possibilities are endless! Our very own Mansion Couples have gotten truly creative with their guestbooks, from an adorable custom polaroid photo album to a retro album resting on a vintage record player! 

To find the perfect guestbook for you, think about how those memories will bring you the most joy. You don’t want such a sentimental piece gathering dust on the shelf, you want to be reminded of the loving words your friends and family shared with you on this momentous occasion. You may want your guestbook to be decorative so that you can look at it often, or you may choose something you can actually use so that it’s brought out on special occasions. Once you’ve made this decision, you can narrow down your options based on personal preference.

For those interested in a decorative guestbook, we love the rustic look! Having a large wooden guestbook with felt tip markers is the perfect mix of classic and new styles. This look can be done with a single slate, multiple planks making a larger piece, or even a single carving of your newly shared initial.

If you prefer a modern look, you may be interested in a printed option. This offers a variety of selections for the focal point of your guestbook; similar to the wooden book, signatures and loving messages will be left around the edges of this type of piece. These can be centered around a favorite photo of you and your sweetheart, or perhaps a custom drawing of you both in your wedding day attire. You could even incorporate the center image by using a barren tree and ink pads or a leaf-shaped stamp, by the end of the night your guestbook will be flourishing, just like your love for one another!

Not all décor has to be hung on the wall though, you can craft a variety of items into the perfect guestbook for you and your sweetie! If you prefer to keep it sweet and simple, you can arrange small wooden hearts to fill a custom frame or shadow box. If you’re looking for something timeless, consider a typewriter! (Your friends with less than stellar penmanship will thank you) You can even sign a record or a globe! There’s a whole world of possibilities…

Fans of sentimental photographs will love the polaroid trend! Whether you’re hanging these photos to see every day or collecting them in a designated album, seeing your loved ones’ smiling faces is sure to bring you back to that special day over and over again. Complete your polaroid guestbook station with whatever accessories you desire, whether it’s designer stickers and dried flowers or goofy glasses and feathered boas!

The final type of guestbook to consider is a functional one, a memento to bring out on anniversaries, date nights, or just for fun! If you want to keep the celebration going, ask guests to sign your favorite bottles of wine. Each bottle will be opened on your anniversary for years to come, this is the guestbook that just keeps giving! Don’t want to wait a whole year? Ask for date night ideas! Your loved ones know you best and will help you to craft countless more memories throughout your marriage. Lastly, if you want to add a little fun to your guestbook, consider games! Create custom games for your guests to add to, whether you design a monopoly board of your favorite date spots, a puzzle of your favorite photo together, or simple Jenga blocks, this festive guestbook is sure to be remembered for years to come!

Whichever guestbook you choose, know that your friends and family will cherish the opportunity to pass on words of love and wisdom that will strengthen and celebrate your union! Let this item, whether it’s a puzzle, photo album, piece of art, or a simple book, remind you of the day you said “I do!” well into your Happily Ever After!