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Entertaining Guests at Weddings!

As we all know, the wedding day timeline is packed full of items that the couple, wedding party, family and vendors are doing and when. It feels like it is a busy day, because it will be! On the other hand, for wedding guests, the wedding day is a relaxing evening that involves eating, drinking, catching up with friends and family and dancing. Often times this is also an event that brings many people together from different walks of life that have not met or have not seen each other in a long time. While weddings are inherently entertaining events, there are things you can do to make it even more fun for guests! Let us give you some ideas!

Choosing The Right Venue!

The venue will dictate how guests will feel during the wedding day. Choosing an outdoor venue can allow guests freedom to explore and not feel confined to one space. Booking a venue that is not open to the public is another great perk so that guests know they are somehow connected to the couple and there are no party crashers! Picking a venue that has many different areas for pictures means that you do not have to leave to change scenery. Most of the wedding decisions will be based on the venue choice, so choose wisely!

Pictured: Awesomesauce Photography


An everlasting impression on guests of weddings is the food and drinks! As we like to say ~ you know your guests better than we do. If you know that most of them would never touch a wine glass, then do not provide much wine and instead allocate those funds elsewhere. If most family gatherings are big BBQ’s then a barbecue option may be the most wholesome and comforting. Some families are huge talkers, so consider a mixture of high and low tables paired with grazing tables so that they can snack and mingle. Remember, the number one part of the wedding guests will remember is the food!

Pictured: Images by Bri / Mosaic

Signature Drinks

Along the same lines as food and drinks, having a fun signature drink is a great addition to an already memorable day. If you have some fur babies that can not make it, naming a drink after them is super cute and guests will love the detail! Furthermore, we all know we have been caught in long bar lines at weddings during cocktail hour. Including a signature drink can move this line along much faster as most guests will at least want to try the signature drink and they are typically very fast to make!

Pro tip: Pick a signature drink that can be prebatched to make the process even faster!

Pictured: Whole Hearts Studio

Live Painter or Real Painting

We all remember going to amusement parks as kids and getting a quick colored picture of ourselves. It was so cool! Well, this has translated to wedding entertainment and there are so many incredible vendors out there that will make quick paintings of your guests for them to keep! There are others that will premake a painting that can double as a guestbook and be turned into an art piece later on.

Pictured: Rebecca Burt Photography

Lawn Games!

Cocktail hour can be filled with catching up between family and friends that do not see each other often, but what about groups of guests that may not know anyone? Adding in some lawn games is a perfect ice breaker. All you need is Cornhole, Giant Jenga and Giant Connect 4 and you are good to go! Pair these with a fire pit so that guests can keep playing into the night while enjoying a fire and trust us, they will love it!

Pictured: Ash Carr Photography

Photobooth or Photo Guestbook

A photobooth is an awesome form of entertainment throughout the night! This allows guests to dress up with different props and take memorable pictures together. Many photobooths also have the option of adding a guestbook to their package so that you can keep all those great memories and guests have a chance to write their best wishes to you! If a photobooth is not on your vendor team, another great option is a polaroid photo guestbook. Guests can take pictures throughout cocktail hour and throughout the night, put them in the book and write a little note. This is a great way to look back at your event with a picture book!

Pictured: Kristen Camielle Photography / MMG Photobooth

Bands or Live Music in General!

Having a string quartet, guitarist, harpist or any other kind of live classical music before and during the ceremony is relaxing and sets the tone for the wedding early. Continue the vibe through cocktail hour and your guests will love the classiness!

Whether a band is just for cocktail hour or for the main portion of reception dancing, they are always a crowd pleaser. Who does not love live music??

Pictured: Morgan Renee Photography / Bachelor Boys Bands

Interactive Desserts

A gelato cart during a summer wedding is a beautiful touch that your guests will love! Going with the theme, there are so many different dessert options nowadays that can involve guests more than the traditional wedding cake. From cupcakes to full dessert bars to popcorn to candy bars, the options are endless, but the entertainment can go on all night! Not to mention, interactive desserts can make perfect favors for your guests that they will actually want to take home with them. If there are leftovers, they will be gone soon enough! It is a win win for everyone!

Pictured: Emily Blumberg Photography / Incredible Edibles

Party Items!

What better way to hype up the dance party than adding in some brightly colored toys! These are fan favorites with adults and children and trust us ~ if there is a lull in music and these come out, the dancefloor will be packed! Foam glowsticks are also a great (and fireproof) grand exit!

Pictured: Verlee Bishop Photography


We are all familiar with the grand sparkler exit, but have you been to a wedding with a Firework exit? Not many people can say they have, so find a venue that does and be one of the firsts! This is definitely a shoo in way to leave your guests saying, “That was the best wedding I have ever been to!”

Pictured: Luke and Ashley Photography

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding creative ways to entertain guests at weddings. Adding a few of these into the wedding day details can change the whole feel of a wedding to guests and will definitely leave them with “this is the best wedding ever” feelings!