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Exit In Style!

Mankin couples know it is not just about the entrance- it is also all about the exits! We love a little sparkle here at Historic Mankin Mansion, and as it turns out so does Martha Stewart! You can check out our latest feature in her bog post “28 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Exit.”

In addition to a little lift with sparklers, here are a couple other honorary mentions of exits throughout the years!

The Smoke-Show:

Photo Cred: Leigh Skaggs Photography

The Dip

Photo Cred: Allison Kuhn Photography 

Bubbly Bye-Bye

Photo Cred: Jeffrey Lynn Media 


Speedy Get Away

Included in several mansion packages is a luxury, chauffeured Bentley exit! Drive off in style!

Photo Cred: Leigh Skaggs Photography