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Fall In Love With Fall Weddings 🍂

Fall wedding season around the mansion is easily one of our favorite times of year! Our gorgeous sycamore tree’s leaves start to turn incredible shades of green, yellow and orange, the air has a slight coolness to the edge of it and the moody golden hour lighting makes for the best couple portraits. It really is a magical time of year!

With fall weddings come some fun fall wedding color and style trends that are surely here to stay. Below we have some of our past fall weddings that highlight some of these trends perfectly!

Velvet and Satin Dresses with Deep Forest Greens and Ruby Touches

The color combination of forest green and ruby is one of our top favorite color combos out there. These two complimentary colors make for a deep color palette and is a match made in heaven for fall weddings. The slight coolness that fall brings is also ideal for fabrics such as velvet or a thick satin. These color and fabric trends scream timeless fall!

Heaven and Javon – October 2021

Don Mears Photography / The Flower Guy Bron

Jessica and Alex – December 2021

Paperboys / Weddings by Vogue / Morsels

Golden and Warm Photography

Each photographer has a different editing style and a fan favorite for fall weddings is a golden and warm photography style. This golden style brings out the warm colors of red, orange, amber and brown. In the fall, these colors are abundant with changing leaves, the natural gravitation towards warmer colors and the magical fall golden light right before sunset. Just the slightest pop of color creates a depth to this photography style that makes us all love it even more!

Courtney and Austin – October 2020

Arianna Belle Photography / Weddings by Vogue

Candice and Jeremy – October 2021

Alyse Michelle Images / King William Florist

Long Sleeves and Winter Greenery

Along with velvet dresses being ideal for the coolness of fall, so are long sleeve wedding dresses! This style of wedding dress is beyond comfortable in the coolness of October and November. We can even take it a step further and incorporate some wintery vibes into the décor with pine needles, lotus seed heads and cranberries for a pop of color. On the other hand, a timeless white and green color palette plays on the natural greens that pops up in the fall and we are here for it!

Ambar and Nacyr – September 2021

Peter Beliaev Photography / Flowers by Zoie

Erin and Michael – November 2021

Monica Mendoza Photography / Amanda Burnette Floral Design

Bright Pops of Color!

Color is back and it is here to stay!! Bright fall colors are a trend that we are absolutely here for. They compliment the already warm tones that fall brings and make every photo pop! Reds, Maroons, Rubies, Plums and Purples add a refreshing pop of color amidst the greens of fall. Matching these with bright blue suits seals the deal for a truly colorful wedding! Add in even more pops of color with some hand held colored smoke bombs and you have yourself a fantastic moment with your wedding party!

Elexis and Jordan – October 2020

Hannah Malloy Photography / Weddings by Vogue / Incredible Edibles

Katlin and Hunter – October 2021

Kelley Blake Photography / Weddings by Vogue

All Around Bohemian Fall Color Palette

Beige, brown and white with hints of faux florals and pampas grass truly fit the bohemian fall vibes. This color palette is classic for fall weddings and is a great ending to our Fall in Love with Fall Weddings Blog. An honorable mention goes to both couples for incorporating pops of burnt orange, yellow, and ruby into their wedding parties to enhance the fall vibes even more!

Melanie and Chris – November 2021

Jennifer Gavin Photography / Weddings by Vogue

With a bouquet featuring white alabaster garden roses, toffee roses, raspberry scabiosa, pampas grass and scabiosa pods, Melanie found herself with a picturesque fall bouquet. The aisle arrangements matched wonderfully and added in white hydrangeas, blush majolica spray roses and statice, a subtle pop of purple. We also spy a pumpkin to really embrace the fall spirit!

Ginny and Aaron – December 2021

Ash Carr Photography / Marylee Marmer Weddings and Events

Incorporating fresh and faux florals and greenery into the bridal bouquet truly encapsulates the fall spirit and Ginny’s bouquet takes the cake! With a mixture of fresh and faux dahlias, garden roses, ferns, pampas grass and eucalyptus, the combination embraces the ever changing nature of fall. We also want to give a shoutout to Marylee for winning the best bouquet award with this beauty ~ an award that was beyond well deserved!