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Finding Family Traditions

While countless cultural wedding traditions exist, many newlyweds want to either break the mold or simply customize their activities throughout their wedding day. We at Mankin Mansion have seen numerous couples start or continue their own family wedding traditions over the years! 

If you want to honor family members who could not be with you for your wedding day with more than a memory table, consider taking inspiration from past Mansion wedding celebrations. There is no age limit on flower and ring bearers, so why not ask one of your grandparents to play this part in your ceremony? If you’ve lost one or more of your parents or grandparents, using something of theirs to carry these sacred mementos will mean far more to you than a typical basket or pillow.

If you would rather keep something so special close to your heart, you can keep small photos of your loved ones in a locket, or even have them fixed to your bouquet or cuff links. This way they can still walk you down the aisle in spirit!

Another way to incorporate family traditions into your wedding is with your “Something Borrowed.” While this is most often a dress that has been passed down, the options are limitless! Ask your parents or grandparents if they still have the cake topper from their wedding. They would be honored to contribute something that is sure to bless your marriage like so many before!

Many family traditions and loving memories revolve around dishes that have been shared across generations. If there is always a staple food or drink item at large family gatherings, consider adding it to the menu on your wedding day! Whether it’s an appetizer or a main course, familiar food is sure to warm your family’s hearts.

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One Mansion couple’s tradition focused on everyone’s favorite “first,” the First Dance! Moms, aunts, and grandmothers lined the dance floor with loving admiration to witness the newest first dance in their growing family. If you are unsure about adding additional dances for parents, asking them to act as your personal audience, front and center, will make them feel just as loved and included!

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Fans of a certain heartwarming cartoon will fall in love with our final tradition. Whether you and your betrothed decide to share a last name, hyphenate, or stay as you are, this card/mailbox is a lovely way to debut your family name(s).

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Modern couples often prefer to ditch some of the classic wedding traditions but are unsure of how to fill that space left behind. Talking with family members and what special little things they included on their wedding day can often inspire your own! On the other hand, you and your soon-to-be may prefer to start your own traditions as you are starting your own family. The most important thing to remember when planning any aspect of your wedding is to do what makes you the happiest! Whether it’s been done this way for a hundred years or since your first date, make the moments that matter happen the way you want them to!