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Five Things To Consider About First Looks

So, to start off, what is a first look? Well, for those who don’t know what a first look is, it is when the couple sees each other before the start of the Ceremony! Before you say “no way!” read below on five things to consider about first looks.

1. Photos

This is one of the biggest reasons couples will choose to do a first look. You will get a lot more photos of the two of you when you see each other before the ceremony rather than trying to do your photos, family portraits, and bridal party photos all during cocktail hour. You will have an ample amount of time before the ceremony to get plenty of photos of just the two of you, as well as, photos with your bridal party. Also, first look photos turn out to be very heartfelt and will be some of your favorite photos to look back on from your day.

Alternatively, your first look will happen earlier in the day/afternoon, which is usually not the best time for lighting for photographers unless it is a cloudy or overcast day. However, if you are doing your first look indoors or your photographer finds a shaded spot then you will be just fine!

2. Timeline

First looks equals a more relaxed timeline! By doing a first look, most of your couple portraits will already be done and your photographer won’t be trying to do all of your couple portraits, family portraits, and bridal party photos all during cocktail hour. As a result, your photographer will really only need to get family portraits and a couple more photos of the whole bridal party together after the Ceremony. Also, your bridal party will love to go enjoy the cocktail hour!

The other side to this is you will need to be done with hair and make-up a little bit earlier in order to do your first look and then pictures with your bridal party. So, make sure to get yourself some coffee in the morning and start your hair and make-up about 30 minutes earlier!

3. Season

First looks are extremely beneficial to do in late Fall, Winter, and early Spring month weddings, especially, if you desire to have mostly outdoor photos. The sun sets a lot earlier in late September – April months than it does in May, June, July, and August. Your photographer will highly suggest to do a first look if you are having a late Fall, Winter, or early Spring wedding to ensure you have plenty of couple portraits before it gets too dark.

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4. Quality Time

Wedding days are pretty busy and in the blink of an eye it is the end of the night! It is important to make time for just the two of you to spend time together during your special day and doing a first look is an excellent way to accomplish just that. By doing a first look, you and your fiancé will have a moment to spend with one another before you get swept away into all of the wedding festivities. Also, if you think you will be nervous leading up to your ceremony, seeing your partner beforehand eliminates those pre-ceremony jitters!

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You are probably thinking, “But, what about the ‘aisle moment’?!”. Trust us, there will definitely still be an aisle moment. Even though they will see you before the ceremony, they will still get emotional seeing you walk down the aisle with all of your friends and family gathered around.

5. There are other options

Have a first look with your dad!

Or have a first look with your bridal party!

If you aren’t convinced to do a first look, instead, read letters or do a first touch with your partner. Doing one of these options still prevents you from seeing each other before the ceremony, you get cute pictures from it, and you can get some of your pre-ceremony jitters out!

Thank you for reading and we hope one of these options is a memorable moment for you two to share on your special day!