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Is This Seating Chart Taken?

Deciding who will sit where and with whom can quickly become overwhelming when planning the layout of your reception. The easiest way to make anything more enjoyable is to make it beautiful! Couples will always have to spend time organizing names and tables, and guests will always have to spend time searching for their names on a list and their table in a tent, so why not mix it up?

A professional seating chart will not only help to alleviate your stress but also elevate the look of one of the few decorations every single guest is guaranteed to seek out. Additionally, substituting traditional table numbers for creative alternatives makes for a fun project for you and a memorable experience for your guests!

If you want your seating chart to be as beautiful as the rest of your décor without breaking the bank, poster board is an excellent solution! Utilizing a graphic design website such as Canva and your local Office Max will ensure you have a lovely and surprisingly inexpensive chart. If you opt to pay for Canva Pro, you will gain access to a vast library of templates, elements, texts, and styles!

Slightly more expensive and notably sturdier, acrylic charts are eye-catching and the simplest to design! Few elements are needed to make this piece pop without taking attention away from the rest of your décor.

For a sleek and timeless look, consider writing out your seating chart on a mirror! Whether it is modern, stylized, or antique, a mirrored seating chart is always a classic choice!

If you prefer the DIY look but want to minimize the stress that often accompanies such projects, a gorgeous frame with some ribbon or wire will work wonders! You can print one card for each table, or use clothespins to attach individual names in alphabetical order. If you have small, lightweight favors, you can also secure them to each card to ensure every guest takes one home!

If even the variants on a traditional seating chart don’t have enough of a wow factor for you, you can always make something entirely your own! For those who enjoy simple yet satisfying geometric patterns, you can easily attach your chart to a large grid. For those who adore florals and greenery, create a custom, standing, not-so-secret garden display. To really get the celebration started, you can even secure each seating assignment to a champagne flute! Who wouldn’t cheers to that?

Remember, charts are not the only way to get creative with your reception’s seating arrangements, try mixing it up with your table numbers too! Each number can be paired with a photo of you and your betrothed at the corresponding age, or perhaps places and memories that are special to you!

If you are an individualist at heart, consider place cards either in addition to or in lieu of one large chart!

While every decision that goes into your wedding day is meant to be filled with excitement, the projects and decision-making may begin to feel overwhelming as they stack up. Adding fun and creativity will surely help to carry that joy through the planning process leading up to your big day!