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Let Them Eat Cake!

Whether you’re a fan of chocolate or vanilla, fondant or buttercream, your wedding cake is sure to be the best dessert money can buy! Between you and your betrothed, you may be perfectly in sync or have to compromise on a different flavor for each tier, but the real question is, “How can we top this?” If you’re seeking out different cake topper styles, take a look at what some of our lovely Mansion couples have come up with over the years!

A small statue or silhouette of the happy couple has been a well-established tradition for generations. A few couples were lucky enough to use an old family heirloom for their “something borrowed!” One even came with a written history of family weddings and additions they have made to the cake topper with each generation!

If you are looking to start your own family topper, or maybe the existing one doesn’t quite match up with you and your soon-to-be, you can always create a new one! One Mansion couple did just that, and used Funko Pop figurines as an inspiration for their own design!

Cortese Photography & Film / Publix

A more recent classic is the newlyweds’ name(s) or initial(s), a simple yet elegant design choice. Add your favorite font and dynamic visual elements to really make this look pop!

Paperboys Photography and Videography / Morsels / Weddings by Vogue

For animal lovers and those with their own fur babies at home, including your pets in your wedding decor is an excellent way to make them part of your special day! If you’re interested in finding other ways to incorporate your pets into your wedding day, check out last month’s Mansion blog, Weddings Best Friend!

If your love transcends reality, you could use your favorite books, movies, TV shows, etc. to express your love for one another! A few couples have even found inspiration in a simple and beloved quote from everyone’s favorite young wizarding series.

Perhaps traditional toppers or even modern alternatives aren’t your style. A combination of stunning florals and tactful icing is an excellent way to decorate your cake without using plastic accessories!

Don’t forget, while a wedding cake is often expected, it’s not the only option! Whether you prefer donuts, pies, cookies, cupcakes, or brownies, no dessert is off the table! When you have a full table of platters and cupcake stands, the food acts as its own decoration. With many of these smaller handheld treats, it’s much easier for your loved ones to take home extras in goodie bags, making your dessert table also function as your favor table!

Tolman Media Photography / Shyndigz

And who says you have to choose just one look? It’s your special day, and nothing is more mouthwatering than a table full of gorgeous wedding desserts that everyone can enjoy!