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Making Your Exit Grand!

Your wedding day is truly magical from start to finish. You dress to the nines, vow to support your partner through anything, take about a million photos, eat your favorite foods, and dance the night away… What else is left to do but have your loved ones send you off in style? 

Traditionally, guests would throw rice at the newlyweds as they left the ceremony to live happily ever after. This hundreds-year-old custom comes from the ancient Roman belief that crops such as oat or wheat would bring prosperity and good fortune to the couple. Eventually, these crops were switched out for rice because of the supposed fertility-boosting properties, adding a growing family to their list of well-wishes. Unfortunately, a few years ago, a modern myth that uncooked rice harms hungry birds swept the internet. While this has been proven false, it did begin an era of creative grand exits that we have fallen in love with!

Keep in mind that many venues have restrictions on glitter, seed-based products, or otherwise difficult-to-clean products. However, if your wedding is at a privately owned location, you may be able to use them, so long as you clean up at the end of the night! Otherwise, there are plenty of fun and creative ways to make your grand exit one to remember!

Fans of tradition may choose to have their grand exit at the end of their ceremony as opposed to the end of the reception. These late-afternoon photos of guests celebrating your newfound marriage are bright and beautiful! Additionally, you’re sure to have the most loved ones participate in this grand exit. Have flower petals waiting at the welcome table, and cheers won’t be the only thing filling the air as you walk back down the aisle as newlyweds!

If you want to keep the celebration going, a high-energy “last dance” may be the way to go. It’s your last chance of the night to pull your loved ones close for a festive farewell. Gather all remaining guests onto the dance floor and end on a high note, all singing it at the top of your lungs!

Verlee Bishop Photography

Speaking of keeping the party going, light-up foam sticks are a great way to light up your grand exit and your dance floor! They also work as a party favor that all ages can enjoy all night long!

If a stylish getaway is more your speed, take off in a luxury car (cans and sign optional). This grand exit is timeless and versatile, as it can be the grand finale of a larger grand exit. A luxury car means a luxurious farewell, not only will the photos drip with elegance, you’ll be cruising in comfort back to your honeymoon suite!

One of the most popular grand exits of the modern wedding world is sparklers! Guests will line the pathway to your departure holding a tunnel of twinkling starlight above your heads. The sparkling light bouncing in every direction makes for truly stunning photos!

Colleen Megan Photography

If you really want to end the night with a bang, ignite fireworks and watch the jaws drop! A fireworks display is a dazzling way to end your perfect day. While it may be brief, the magic of the moment will last a lifetime, just like the magic of your wedding day!