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Our Fave Favors!

After witnessing a day full of firsts as a married couple, crying happy tears, toasting to your love, and dancing the night away, your guests will be sure to cherish the memory of your wedding celebration for decades! Some may have captured photos and videos to share, and a lucky few may have even caught the bouquet or been chosen to join the wedding party and don a special outfit… But most guests will leave without something tangible to prompt those images as time goes on.

Consider sending your loved ones home with a wedding favor to spark the memory of your unforgettable union for years to come! You’re already throwing the biggest party of your life, what is a better way to thank your friends and family for their part in your special day? From functional to edible, wedding favors are always a hit!

Your caterer may already be providing a decadent display, but who doesn’t love a little extra treat? Many Mansion couples had just this thought! You could say that it’s “Mint to Be,” but we just want to “Spread the Love.”

Themed and holiday weddings lend themselves to adorable delicacies! Whether it’s Halloween candy or puppy cookies, sending guests off with something sweet is always appreciated. Consider using a local company for your confections, so your wedding has a little taste of Virginia. After all, Virginia is for lovers!

A great way to stay cool during the summer months is with a tried and true fan favorite! Functional and fabulous, with a fan in hand, your guests will feel refreshed and elegant all day long. These can also serve as your wedding programs to save on paper and ensure everyone knows the timeline like the back of their fan. Consider ordering specialty fans for yourselves, and even the wedding party, to make yours stand out!

The key to happiness is celebrating with those you love, and you can help facilitate those celebrations year after year! These subtle and stylish pieces put the party in party favor and are sure to be held near and dear for quite some time, with every sip bringing them back to your special day.

For some, true love can be found in a cozy home with a warm blanket, a good book, or relaxing scents. Several Mansion wedding guests were lucky enough to leave with these loving and intimate favors!

 If your crowd is a mix of your different worlds, or if you just can’t decide which is your favorite, offering multiple types of favors is a wonderful way to make sure everyone gets what they want!

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In the end all your friends and family truly want is to be a part of your wedding, and offering favors is just the cherry on top of a perfect day celebrating you and your betrothed! Whether it’s a tasty treat or a sentimental keepsake, the fact that you thought to put in that little extra effort will make their experience that much sweeter!