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Putting Your Best Foot Forward on Your Wedding Day

The journey of your wedding day will be taken step by step, from fuzzy slippers in a makeup chair all the way to barefoot running to your grand exit getaway. But what shoes will carry you both through this journey? Do you envision sexy stilettos, or would sensible flats keep you from falling, well, flat?

White heels are the traditional choice for bridal shoes and black dress shoes for those in suits. If you are fond of these traditional styles, there is still much room to play within those parameters! If you march to the beat of your own drum, march away in whatever footwear you feel best in!

From chunky leather heels to delicate lacey flats, white wedding shoes are a bridalwear staple, often chosen to match the traditional white wedding dress. Each week Mansion brides have worn a wide variety of white bridal shoes down the aisle to their “I Do’s”. Here are some of our favorites!

While you are not very likely to borrow the shoes you will wear on your wedding day, they can certainly be your “something blue”! Blue wedding shoes are the perfect way to put a modern twist on a centuries-old tradition, just don’t forget the sixpence!

The Fairy Godmother had it right with Cinderella’s glass slippers! A neutral color such as blush or champagne will blend better with any non-white dress. Whether your dress is ivory or colorful enough all on its own, remember that the dress is the focal point, and the shoes are complimentary!

If you are looking for inspiration for wedding dress shoes, black never goes out of style! Whether you prefer derby or oxford, matte or high-gloss, you will feel like you are walking on air when you dress in this classic look!

Brown leather shoes mix beautifully with earth-toned weddings, complimenting green suits, as shown further below. Alternatively, brown leather can also stand out when contrasted with a more familiar suit color like blue!

If you are wanting to get away from tradition and looking to mix it up with your wedding attire, why not have fun with your wedding shoes? A small pop of color in your footwear can go a long way in bringing your ceremonial outfit to life!

If we are being honest, most bridal shoes barely make it past dinner, so planning ahead with casual footwear can be a true lifesaver when it comes time to hit the dance floor! From slippers to sneakers, there are plenty of comfortable shoes to wear on your special day that will not leave you stranded in your chair before you even get to any cha-cha or electric slides.

When it is all said and done, you will truly only want two things out of your wedding day; the first is to be able to look back on every little detail as a fond memory, even your shoes. The second is to take each step, forever and always, with your new partner, whether it’s in Louis Vuitton’s or Loafers!