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Swag for the Squad! Wedding Day Gifts Your Party will Love!

Even before the love of your life pops the question, you’ve dreamt of this memorable day together and who you want by your side. Throughout the wedding planning process and the day itself, you’ll need those who care about you the most to support and celebrate your union. You’ll choose close friends, siblings, cousins, whoever your greatest cheerleaders are to help pick your dress and pop the champagne. What better way to thank them for their dedication than their very own wedding day presents?

Sharing getting-ready drinks are a must for most wedding parties, but you can make it truly unique with a bottle chosen just for them! Keep it classy and celebratory by toasting the occasion with your favorite elixir.

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In a similar fashion, your bridesmaids and groomsmen may want to take home a souvenir to remember your ceremonious cheers. Gifting custom flasks, mugs, or tumblers are a great way to make sure every sip takes them back to that special day!

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If comfort is your priority, a fun way to knock their socks off is… well, to put their socks on! Whether personalized with their role for the day, their favorite food, or just a funky pattern, your loved ones are sure to love these unmatched gifts!

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If you want to take it a step further, cozy footwear is sure to keep the party on the dancefloor all night long! In previous years, flip flops and slippers have found their way into the reception, but sneakers appear to be the latest favorite among newlyweds!

Our final and favorite trend for wedding day gifts is matching getting-ready outfits! Particularly for those of us who will receive professional hair and makeup looks, a cute outfit to primp without worry is a must-have! Having pre-planned outfits makes your whole morning easier, allowing both the party and the artists to relax in the knowledge that no bobby pins will be pulled nor lipstick smudged from the t-shirts and sweats we so often rely on. Whether you prefer silk or flannel, robes or button-ups, the photos will be all the more charming with the whole squad on point!