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That’s a Wrap! 2021 Wedding Trends That We Loved to See.

With 2021 coming and going in the blink of an eye, we reminisced on all of the magical weddings we were blessed to host and all of the amazing trends that came along with them. From champagne showers to beautiful, intimate ceremonies, 2021 was definitely one for the books! Scroll below to see for yourself!

1. Outdoor Weddings

Coming from 2020 we found so many couples who desired to have indoor/outdoor weddings. With the uncertainty of COVID it was important for guests to feel that they had enough space while having the option to go outside as they please.

2. Champagne Walls and Champagne Showers!

Sure, champagne is fun to drink, but it is even more fun to incorporate into your photos! Don’t be afraid to pop a little bubbly on your day, but if you are doing it in your wedding dress please be sure to hide behind your groom and have the wedding party shoot it to the front!

Another great idea on how to incorporate champagne into your day is to have a whole wall dedicated to it to welcome your guests into the ceremony or cocktail hour. You can also choose to use a champagne wall as a seating chart by printing your guest’s names with their designated table number on them and putting them on the rims of the champagne flutes. Your guests will surely be wowed this fun, interactive way to find their seat!

Kelley Blake Photography

3. Pampas Grass and Dried Flowers

Many couples will choose to have pampas grass, dried flowers, or faux flowers for their wedding day as they do not have to worry about spending a large portion of their budget on real flowers that will only be used for a few hours. Additionally, they do not need to stress about how they will preserve the flowers after the wedding. Pampas grass, and dried and faux florals last long after your wedding day and can even be repurposed to beautiful home décor!

4. Read Letters

If you do not wish to do a first look with your partner, think about having an intimate moment with them before the ceremony begins to read your vows privately or about why you fell in love with them! It is a perfect moment to have with your partner before the busy wedding day begins. Carve some time out in your day to have this special moment with them to breathe and to help take some nerves away before you walk down the aisle.

Brittany Lowe

5. Bold Colors

Bring on all of the colors! We were thrilled to see so many bold colors in 2021’s wedding color schemes. Spring and Summer wedding’s incorporated bright pinks, purples, and blues; while Fall and Winter weddings entailed deep oranges, greens, and reds. When thinking about your color scheme for your wedding don’t be afraid of bold colors and mixing and matching colors. It makes a statement for your day and looks gorgeous in photos!

6. Dress Change!

After being in your beautiful, extravagant dress all day, you will be ready to change into something a little more comfy! It can be a little difficult to break it down on the dance floor when you are in a big, tight dress. So, kick off those heels and change into your party dress, so you can dance all night! You can make your second dress sparkly, short, or even a jumpsuit!

6. Bridesmaid Hoops

Trade in the bridesmaid bouquets for bridesmaid hoops! They are super cute and a great way to save on your floral budget. Your bridesmaids will be able to take the hoops home and repurpose them to home décor!

Chloe Malsick Photography

7. Alternative Dessert Options

From cookie towers to stacks of donuts, these dessert options will surely make your guest’s mouths water! Give your guests some dessert options by having an assortment of desserts and then you can still have a small cake to cut.

8. Intimate Sweetheart Table

Create a beautiful table for just you and your sweetheart! There will be a lot of mingling with your guests, so it is nice to have a table just for the two of you. You can also repurpose your ceremony florals along with your bridal bouquet to create an intimate, romantic feel to your sweetheart table.

Colleen Megan Photography and Vogue Florals

9. First Look With Your Girls

Share this special moment with your bridesmaids by doing a first look with them. They are just as excited to see you in your wedding dress as your partner is! Plus, their reaction is absolutely priceless.

Alyse Michelle Images

10. Polaroids

Set up a fun polaroid table for your guests to take photos that they can take home with them as a keepsake from your wedding. You can also have your guests make it into your guestbook! Here are a couple of tips with having a polaroid guestbook: #1. Have at least two or three polaroid cameras in case one of them breaks. #2. Make sure there is a trash can nearby or have a designated person tend to the table as there is a lot of trash with the refillable cartridges and backings to the tape. #3. Bring decorative baskets to put the extra cartridges, pens, and etc. in.

11. Enclosed Centerpieces

Enclosed centerpieces creates a romantic, magical, and vintage vibe that we love! Take your menu card, table number, or flowers and enclose them to recreate the beauty below!

Rebecca Burt Photography and Samantha Greenfield Florals

12. Candles and Greenery

Set the mood for your reception with tables filled with candles and greenery. It is simple yet makes a statement without having to break your budget.

Kelley Blake Photography

We loved to see all of these 2021 wedding trends and hope they continue into 2022!