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The Centerpiece of Attention, Decorating Your Reception!

While you and your newly beloved are the true centerpieces of your reception, table décor will still be the first thing your guests notice as they enter the next portion of your event. Setting the scene will also set the tone for your wedding, so, what do you envision? Do you see floral arrangements, or floating candles? Extravagant pieces, or handcrafted displays? Whatever you imagine, know that with the right team, you can make your vision a reality!

Florals are a classic choice, and for good reason, they give way to endless possibilities! They can be sweet and simple arrangements in a small vase or terrarium, exotic and tropical scenes, dramatic and tall topiaries, or even run the length of each table for a luscious evergreen effect. Plant life can also be used in combination with other types of centerpieces to add a delicate flair!

Candle-focused centerpieces are the definition of setting the mood. Who doesn’t want to celebrate surrounded by warm candlelight? Your photographer will certainly thank you! Whether in romantic lanterns, picturesque brandy snifters, or artistic multilevel vases, these centerpieces are sure to brighten your special day!

Alternatively, you can throw out the rulebook on centerpieces and craft something entirely your own! Sentimental couples may choose to display photos of themselves at the age of each table number. Others have found where drama and minimalism meet with grand pieces of driftwood at the center of each table. Avid readers have even stacked books atop a mirror to represent the newest chapter in their life together. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Once you’ve found your color scheme, and even a theme, for your wedding, let your creativity flow. Whether you find inspiration with a florist or a craft store, your reception decor is sure to wow your guests, so long as it reminds them of you!

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