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The Importance of Personalized Details

Each year we are introduced to different personalities, backgrounds, stories, and inside jokes that build a unique relationship. Everyone has their own special connection with their sweetheart, and it’s always our favorite story to hear. 

They also become our favorite thing to bring to life. During their wedding, these stories are often incorporated into some special aspect of the day. Personal details are everything, and we could not support it more!

And why shouldn’t you incorporate some of the most meaningful aspects of your relationship into your wedding? Every celebration can be made all your own with a few special touches. Some couples create a personalized hashtag, some have their furry friends carry the rings down the aisle, and some have a close, personal friend officiate the wedding. These little changes can make all the difference, and they can be as personalized as you want! 

The Mansion has been lucky enough to host some truly creative celebrations. Years of hosting ceremonies has taught us that you can make a guest book out of anything, so long as there’s love behind it. Wedding parties have coordinated full dance numbers, one of which included a live marching band! One set of newlyweds each secretly hired the college mascot from where they first met and fell in love to appear at their wedding. One bride even handcrafted every centerpiece and the cake topper to commemorate their love of dinosaurs. We have seen several couples throw out traditional table numbers, replacing them instead with cherished Disney movies, books that are important to them, or their favorite local spots in their hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Whether you were sitting with Beauty and the Beast, Journey to the Center of the Earth, or the VMFA, you’ll be sure to remember how perfectly it encompassed the happy couple. 

The Mansion celebrates love in all forms, and we can’t wait to hear your plans! What is one thing you saw at a wedding that was personally tailored to the couple? What ideas do you have in mind for your wedding? Take a look of some of our favorites below!