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The Summer Parlor!

Ladies, let’s have a quick heart to heart. Wedding days involve moving pieces, that is for sure. One of the most considerable moving pieces includes ladies hair and makeup services. Trust us when we tell you that organizing the timeline on your wedding day to get ready at the venue is way less stressful than getting ready off-site. Just think about the ease of it for a second… You arrive to the venue and your hair and makeup vendors are already set up and ready to go. You sit down and enjoy some champagne, share stories and laughs, take some wedding selfies all while everyone is taking turns getting beautified. The photographer arrives and snaps some getting ready photos before you all get dressed and ready to go for pre-ceremony photography. There is no scrambling, no running to catch the limo, no forgetting items at the airbnb or hotel ~ everything and everyone is right there with you.

Now with that picture in mind, let us introduce to you The Summer Parlor!

Peter Beliaev Photography / Weddings by Vogue

We are a unique wedding venue where we have a salon waiting and ready to go for you and your bridal party to get ready in on your wedding day! With low-back chairs that rise and fall, mirrors galore, plenty of space to spread out and complete with radiant chandeliers, it is the perfect place to get ready in. Try a first look with your bridesmaids or get your photographer to take a creative makeup shot, the list goes on and on with possibilities in The Summer Parlor!

Then, of course, we have our bridal portraits. What better place than The Summer Parlor to show off the dress you have been patiently waiting to wear for months and months!

The Summer Parlor is also wonderful for getting ready and for detail shots. Whether it is dresses, rings, shoes or florals, The Summer Parlor offers a glamourous backdrop to all the above and more!

An honorable mention goes to our designer, because in addition to a stunning room, there are tons of hidden outlets, a boombox to play music and a full restroom. So, this is definitely your sign to get ready in The Summer Parlor ~ trust us, you will not be disappointed!