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Wedding’s Best Friend! Including Pets on Your Wedding Day

 When you and your betrothed are thinking of who you want to be involved in your wedding, family, whether blood or chosen, is naturally the first to come to mind. If you have any children, they will most likely be in your wedding as a flower/ring bearer or possibly an usher, bridesmaid, or groomsman if they are old enough. Alternatively, there is one type of family member that might be more difficult to include in your party… Your pets! 

A well-trained dog, with a professional handler on site, may very well be able to join the ceremony to walk down the aisle and watch their parents tie the knot; however, once it’s time to eat, drink, and party, the little ones will have to go home and rest up after their big day. But fret not, you can always use your fur babies as decor inspiration so they feel nearby all day long!

Of course, having your actual pets on site is ideal for the ceremony and photos, and adding a bow or bowtie to their collar will make for a picture purrfect look! (Sorry… We had to)

One of our favorite new wedding trends is pet-inspired signature drinks! Are they classy and stoic like an old fashioned, or bubbly and bright like a mimosa? Often accompanied by a custom image of your pups or kittens, or whatever else you may have running around at home, craft cocktails based on their personalities are fun for you to create and for your guests to enjoy all night long!

Placing some of your favorite decorations at the bar or welcome table is always a good idea, as all guests are sure to see them at least once. In addition to signature drinks, some couples have included their furry friends on their guest book, koozies, and even cocktail napkins!

Don’t forget, animals aren’t the only ones who enjoy getting a sweet little treat! One Mansion couple gave out puppy dog cookies, among others, for their wedding favors, with doggy bags included!

To top it all off, consider incorporating your pets into your cake topper design. Whether as an elegant addition to the loving couple or a playful trickster sneaking a bite, they are sure to be an adorable inclusion! A silhouette or even an actual figurine of your little fur balls makes them feel like part of one of the most exciting moments of your day!

In this day and age, it’s common for young couples to adopt a pet together early on in their relationship, adding a third or fourth plus member to their little family. On the day you celebrate your official union, it makes sense to want the whole family in on that celebration. While you and your furry friends may not be able to spend your entire wedding day together, sprinkling little reminders of them throughout will both honor their part in your relationship and warm your hearts every time you see a cocktail napkin… or whatever you decide to adorn with their adorable faces!