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What About a Friday or Sunday Wedding?

The wedding world revolves around the norm of Saturday weddings, but does it really have to be that way? Saturdays are the premium date as it is in the middle of the weekend, convenient for out of town guests and easy to plan other activities around such as a rehearsal dinner or Sunday brunch. While Saturdays can be convenient, your dream venue may be booked a year to three years out, venues often carry higher premiums on Saturdays and Saturday weddings follow a very traditional way of hosting a wedding celebration. For many newly engaged couples, a Saturday date is non-negotiable or the assumption when looking at wedding venues. We are here to throw some ideas your way of why a Friday or Sunday wedding is the way to go when planning a wedding!

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The number one benefit of a Friday or Sunday wedding is amply availability. Saturday’s are the first to be booked for weddings, so if your heart is set on a prime wedding season date (April-June, September-November) there is a very good possibility that all of the Saturdays have been booked, but that there are still plenty of Fridays and Sundays available. This can open up opportunities and options for wedding dates and you can still tie the knot in the time of year that you wanted!

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Pricing is another key factor of Friday or Sunday weddings. The number one vendor that will fluctuate their pricing based on the day of the week chosen are venues. Choosing a Friday or Sunday usually offers a decent price reduction from the get go and frees up more budget for other vendors such as caterers, DJs, florists etc. Most other vendors will not fluctuate their pricing based on the date, but with the venue often being a large portion of the overall budget, any pricing shift can make a huge difference in budget moving forward. It is also the place where the wedding planning begins, so the pricing can very well dictate budget!

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A common hesitation with booking a date outside of a Saturday is traveling guests and time off work. Even with a Saturday date, many guests will take off part, if not all, of Friday or Monday anyways as this is a celebration of love that is a priority! For weddings with many local guests, a later Friday ceremony and reception work perfectly so that guests may come from work. For weddings with many out of town guests, Sundays work much better so that guests may drive or fly in over the weekend and either leave early Sunday evening to return to work or only have to take off the one Monday instead of taking off Thursday and/or Friday for a Friday wedding. Bonus tip: Guests plan to take at least one if not more days off for weddings, so there is no need to hesitate when booking a wedding outside of a Saturday! Remember, it is your day, they will make it!

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This brings us to activities ~ there are so many fun activities that can surround a wedding that is not on a Saturday! The traditional wedding weekend consists of rehearsal on Friday, wedding on Saturday and then brunch on Sunday. This does not leave much room for socializing with friends and family unless one of these events is opened up for a meet and greet. With a Friday or Sunday wedding, you have much more time to fill with explorations, activities and get togethers. For example, rehearsal on Thursday with a small rehearsal dinner following. On Friday, celebrate with a full wedding ceremony and reception or a cocktail party reception. Then, on Saturday, spend the day with friends and family at a day-party, exploring the city or a plethora of other activities such as pool parties, grilling out, museums, visiting places that mean a lot to the couple, sports games, hiking, etc. This can easily be reversed and have Saturday open for activities and get togethers with the wedding on Sunday, allowing guests to leave on their own time and not be tied to an activity the day following the wedding. Bonus tip: Guests will typically only take one day off (Monday) when attending a Sunday wedding.

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Finally, have you ever thought about tying the knot on a holiday weekend? Memorial Day and Labor Day are two gold mine weekends to host a wedding as most guests are guaranteed a four to five day weekend. Honorable mention goes to Sunday for both of these weekends as they are pretty much Saturdays with Sunday pricing. Any date on these weekends is also a huge win for out of town guests as they will not be required to take extra time off of work. For these weekends in particular, schedule your save the dates to be sent a year in advance to give family and friends plenty of time to book vacations at another time or take the time off work if needed.

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When planning a wedding in general, it is a great idea to keep ideas flowing and options open when making the first big decisions about the date and place of the wedding. If a venue checks every single box except for the Saturday date, that might be your sign to book a Friday or Sunday instead. If the venue is slightly over budget for a Saturday, fits perfectly for a Friday or Sunday, but you still want that Saturday feel, book a Sunday on a holiday weekend. At the end of the day, what matters the most is marrying your person at a venue that makes the other parts of a wedding day seamless and stress-free!

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